Construction, real estate, land disputes

Строительство, недвижимость, земельные споры

— Court with the developer

  • Forfeit

— Verification of the developer and new building

— Transaction support

— Recognition of ownership of real estate

— Land disputes

— All types of transactions and disputes with land

— Determination of the procedure for using the land plot

— Disputes over the boundaries of the land plot

— Establishment of an easement

— Disputes with a garden partnership

— Challenging an illegal building

— Recognition of the building as legal

With the development of shared construction, more and more equity holders are faced with the dishonesty of the developer. It is important to know a few things that will help you defend your truth. If the developer fails to hand over the apartment on time, you are entitled to a penalty for each day of delay in the amount of 2/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Also, if the apartment has shortcomings (they are almost always present), you need to correctly draw up a claim (preferably with an examination) and justify the shortcomings, otherwise the developer will sign a unilateral act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment and you will be left without a penalty and with shortcomings that will be eliminated in within the scope of the warranty. We help to draw up an inspection report, conduct a construction expertise and sue the developer for everything you are entitled to.

  • One-time explanatory consultations, which do not require examination of client documents and additional regulations on this issue up to 1 hour from 500 ₽
  • One-off consultations that require the study of client documents, the analysis of regulations on this issue up to 1 hour from 1000 ₽
  • One-time consultation with the issuance of reference materials up to 1 hour from 1500 ₽
  • Preparation of legal documents: letters, applications, appeals, complaints - for individuals, legal entities and IP up to 1 hour from 2500 ₽
  • Representation in courts

    for administrative cases - from 15000 ₽
    on arbitration cases - from 15000 ₽
    for general jurisdiction - from 15000 ₽
    in supervisory instances - from 10,000 ₽

    Cost of evaluation and expertise

    transport damage - from 2500 ₽
    shortcomings of property - from 5000 ₽
  • * State duty is paid separately, the registration period is 6 working days
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