Construction, real estate, land disputes

Строительство, недвижимость, земельные споры

– Court with the developer

– Penalty

– Checking the builder and new developments

– Escort of transactions

– Recognition of ownership of real estate

– Land disputes

– All types of transactions and disputes with land

– Determination of the procedure for the use of land

– Disputes on the boundaries of the land plot

– Establishment of easement

– Disputes with garden partnership

– Challenging of illegal construction

– Recognition of the construction of a legal

With the development of shared construction, more and more interest holders are encountered with the developer’s bad faith. It is important to know a few points that will help you defend your truth. If the developer does not manage to return the apartment on time, you are entitled to a penalty for each day of delay in the amount of 2/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Also, if the apartment has shortcomings (they are almost always), it is necessary to formulate a claim competently (preferably with expertise) and justify the shortcomings, otherwise the developer will sign a unilateral certificate of transfer and acceptance of the apartment and you will remain without penalty and with defects that will be eliminated in scope of warranty obligations. We help to draw up an inspection report, conduct construction expertise and sue the developer everything that you are entitled to.


  • One-time explanatory consultations, which do not require examination of client documents and additional regulations on this issue up to 1 hour from 500 ₽
  • One-off consultations that require the study of client documents, the analysis of regulations on this issue up to 1 hour from 1000 ₽
  • One-time consultation with the issuance of reference materials up to 1 hour from 1500 ₽
  • Preparation of legal documents: letters, applications, appeals, complaints - for individuals, legal entities and IP up to 1 hour from 2500 ₽
  • Representation in courts

    for administrative cases - from 15000 ₽
    on arbitration cases - from 15000 ₽
    for general jurisdiction - from 15000 ₽
    in supervisory instances - from 10,000 ₽

    Cost of evaluation and expertise

    transport damage - from 2500 ₽
    shortcomings of property - from 5000 ₽
  • * State duty is paid separately, the registration period is 6 working days
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